Joshua Dean Named Among the Top Mortgage Originators in the Nation in 2022 by Scotsman Guide and Mortgage Executive Magazine

Joshua Dean, Sales Manager and Mortgage Advisor at Homeowners Financial Group, has been ranked among the nation’s top originators based on dollar and unit volume originated during 2022. He is the leader of The Dean Team which serves clients seeking residential purchase and refinancing mortgages from its office in Canton, Georgia.

Scotsman Guide’s annual listing, Top Originators 2023, published in April 2023, names Dean as one of the nation’s top mortgage originators. Scotsman Guide stated, “Since 2010, Scotsman Guide has ranked thousands of the nation’s top producing residential mortgage originators. The longevity, verification process and comprehensive scope of this list have positioned it as a benchmark for the mortgage industry.”

Dean was also listed in Mortgage Executive Magazine’s ranking of the Top 1 Percent Mortgage Originators in America 2022, also published in April 2023. The magazine creates the list “to recognize and celebrate the service, dedication and hard work that leading mortgage professionals put into serving their clients during the home loan process.”

Dean said, “Getting repeated opportunities to be part of our clients’ stories and serve alongside our partners brings immense joy to our team. We embrace this national recognition with great humility and gratitude. The Dean Team exist to create experiences that matter by delivering value that has generational impact for the people we serve.”

Joshua Dean (NMLS#1662895) is the Sales Manager and a Mortgage Advisor at Homeowners Financial Group USA LLC ’s (NMLS#93718) office in Canton, Georgia. He has over 15 years of experience in the financial services industry including residential mortgages, debt management, and property and casualty insurance. Dean and his team serve clients in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, and Tennessee. In addition to the Mortgage Executive Magazine and Scotsman Guide rankings, he has been awarded as a member of the Homeowners Financial Group’s President’s Club for 2020, 2021, and 2022. Dean and his team exist to create experiences that matter by delivering value that has generational impact for the people they serve. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education as well as a master’s degree in Theological Studies. Dean, his wife Tina, and their three children live in the North Georgia area. For more information about Joshua Dean, visit


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