Finding Roots: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Reunion with Rosie Norman-Neubauer

In a world where identity and belonging are paramount, the story of one woman’s quest to find her roots has captivated readers around the globe. This remarkable journey is chronicled in a book that was never intended to be written. It all began in 2016 when the author, then 55 years old, stumbled upon an ad on television that led her to trace her ancestry. This serendipitous moment sparked a chain of events that would ultimately reconnect her with her birth family and lead to the creation of an internationally bestselling memoir.

The author Rosie Norman-Neubauer, who grew up in Hertfordshire, England, was adopted into a middle-class family. Her journey of self-discovery took her across continents and through various life experiences, from working as an au pair in Germany to founding her own language school. Her academic journey has seen many sides including working as a journalist for a national wide German newspaper, teacher training all over the world and becoming a DELTA-qualified language mentor (Uni. Cambridge ESOL). , and she is also a certified bilingual mediator and NLP master practitioner. These diverse experiences have shaped her understanding of emotions and human connections, which she now shares with the world through her writing.

In a candid and heartfelt narrative, the author recounts the challenges of growing up with a sense of loss and the profound impact of reuniting with her birth family after more than five decades. The book, which was revamped following feedback from a creative writing expert, hit the Amazon Bestseller list in March 2024, topping charts in the USA, UK, Germany, and Canada. It has garnered acclaim in categories such as Women’s Biographies, Memoirs, Hot New Releases, and Adoption.

The memoir is not just a personal story but a beacon of hope and encouragement for many. It targets a diverse audience, including adoptees who resonate with the feelings and emotions described, adoptive parents seeking deeper insights, birth mothers considering reconnection, and anyone touched by adoption. The book’s core message is one of courage and self-discovery: finding your roots and true identity can be a transformative experience.

The narrative style of the book sets it apart, engaging readers as if they are in a conversation with the author. This intimate dialogue invites readers into the author’s world, balancing moments of joy and sorrow, and evoking both laughter and tears. The unique storytelling approach has resonated deeply with readers, including the author’s publisher, who was moved to tears.

The memoir is building a movement for adoptees and establishing the author as a credible voice in the field. The author hopes to foster understanding and enlightenment about adoption, an often misunderstood topic, and to build a speaking career to further this mission.

For those interested in exploring this captivating story, the book is available on Amazon US and Amazon UK. The author’s journey is not just a tale of personal discovery but a source of inspiration and empathy for many, shedding light on the complexities of adoption and the importance of finding one’s roots.

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