Dee Bowden Releases New ‘Collect the Cash’ Cash Flow Training To Help Business Owners Get Paid What They Are Owed

Dee Bowden of BCS Solutions has a new business training called, “Collect the Cash: 5 Steps to Secure Your Cash Flow.” Available online, interested business owners can sign up at:

Bowden founded BCS Solutions, a revenue recovery company, from a personal desire to see small businesses make big-money impact. Dee believes small businesses fall prey to revenue loss because of poor accounting strategies. That’s why she’s on a mission to help them grow their financial bottom line by sharing her five-step program to revenue recovery. With over 10 years of financial experience, Bowden has collected over $20 million for both companies and government agencies.

Bowden teaches that “Cash Flow is the lifeline of your business.” She explained, “In business nothing moves until something is sold. After working so hard to get the sale, you shouldn’t have to work even harder to get paid. Every minute spent on revenue recovery is another minute taken from building your legacy.” She added, “Don’t let your customers rob you. An honest day’s work should result in an honest day’s pay.”

Bowden is passionate about teaching business owners exactly how to collect the money owed to them from their customers and improve their bottom line. She is offering a new 5-step online training to teach business owners exactly what they need to do to improve their cash flow.

Bowden always states, “The sale is not complete until the money is in the bank!”

Learn more about Dee Bowden and BCS Solutions at: Or, connect via Facebook at:

About Dee Bowden

Dee Bowden founded BCS Solutions, a revenue recovery company. Bowden has collected over $20 million for several companies and government agencies. She was featured in Black Enterprise Magazine in the article “Sealing the Money Leaks 5 Ways to Secure Your Cash Flow” Along with her success in financial management, Dee was featured in Thrive Global magazine in the article “Money Matters: Dee Bowden Helps Entrepreneurs Achieve Financial Peace”

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