Danielle Hayden, Founder and CEO of Kickstart Accounting Inc. and Small Business Finance Expert, Shares Powerful Money Management Strategies on “Oh Shoot!” Podcast

Danielle Hayden of Kickstart Accounting Inc. was recently featured on the popular “Oh Shoot” podcast hosted by Cassidy Lynne. 

Kickstart Accounting specializes in supporting female entrepreneurs, especially women, as they build their businesses.

During the insightful conversation, Danielle not only shared her strategies but for financial empowerment, goal-oriented budgets, and investment in growth, all of which are crucial for entrepreneurial success.

“We tend to look at our numbers for tax purposes only,” she explained. “But I’m here to help every business owner get out of that cycle so that we’re using our numbers throughout the year – allowing us to make empowered business decisions and live the businesses of our dreams.”

Danielle also revealed the four “money personality” types and how understanding one’s spending and saving tendencies can curb emotional and fear-based patterns. 

Finally, she emphasized the importance of building a trusted “money team” of specialized experts like bookkeepers, tax professionals, and financial advisors.

Danielle advised: “Start finding experts who can help you grow your business. Find a CPA you like working with. Let them help you lower your tax liability. Find a financial advisor you like working with and have them help you plan for retirement. Find a bookkeeper you like so they can give you the information you need to work with the rest of your team.”

To gain valuable insights from Danielle’s advice for entrepreneurs, listen to the full conversation on the ‘Oh Shoot!’ Podcast at https://podcasts.apple.com/cm/podcast/oh-shoot-with-cassidy-lynne/id1572832134 


About Danielle Hayden

Danielle Hayden is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kickstart Accounting, Inc. a bookkeeping and accounting firm that is on a mission to coach six figure (+ beyond) female entrepreneurs so they can better understand their numbers through bookkeeping, financial analysis, and support so they can grow profitable, sustainable and enjoyable businesses.

With over 15 years of experience in the world of finance, Danielle has worked her way from accounting firm intern to the Co-Founder of Kickstart Accounting. She understands how complex business finances can be, and she knows that entrepreneurs need more than just a bookkeepers; they need real financial analysis and support in order to get the confidence required to create the sustainable wealth they deserve. Danielle brings a unique perspective when it comes to providing business owners with “the total package” as it relates to their finances.

She’s been a guest on multiple top-rated shows, including The Treatment Room | Interior Design Business Podcast, The How of Business, and Female emPOWERED: Winning in Business & Life. She is also the host of the Business By the Books podcast.





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