Commemorative T-shirts for Principals to Support Fundraiser for Black Students who Lost a Loved One to COVID-19

Los Angeles, CA – BPF, a new non-profit providing wellness programs to Black youth, is launching a new campaign, “You Good Bro?  You Good Sis?” checking in on Black youth.  According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press, “One in three Black Americans had a close friend or family member die from COVID-19, far higher than the overall average of one in five.” Due to the combined forces of the COVID-19 pandemic, racial upheaval and the economic devastation experienced in the Black community, Black youth are more at risk for childhood trauma.

October celebrates two important events: National Principals Day and World Mental Health Day. BPF is celebrating principals with a specially designed t-shirt and the funds raised will support a new program for Black students who lost loved ones to COVID-19. The campaign will serve a dual purpose, educators who inspire students and enhance their lives will be recognized and funds raised will go to a program addressing the emotional wellness of Black students which is the non-profits’ top priority.

Lisa C. Williams, the founder of Black People Forward, while talking regarding National Principals Day said, “I salute principals. They drive futures forward. We are reaching out first to principal organizations and then to school organizations and asking them to support our campaign by purchasing bulk orders of a specially designed t-shirt created for them and a portion of the proceeds will go to supporting the program. Principals, educators and all who support students, thank you for all you do and all you have done navigating through the pandemic.  You are all superheroes and deserve to be celebrated.”

Educators of all types help generations of students to become great individuals, leaders and sometimes role models. BPF believes that educators are part of a special group called “Shapers.”  Williams has coined the title of “Shaper,” especially in the Black community, to mean, “a parent, teacher, coach, barber or stylist, aunt or uncle with a great influence in shaping who children become.  Shapers are the unsung heroes in our world,” Williams explained.

BPF helps Black Millennials and Gen Zs navigate the choices, challenges and changes they face in today’s world and the nonprofit is seeking donations and partners to launch its program. The program is designed to help Black students heal from the grief and loss of their parent or caregiver and will help them understand the health impacts that may have attributed to their loved ones dying from COVID-19.

The students will learn about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and extended ACEs as well as receive other culturally designed therapeutic experiences that will equip them with approaches to deal with their grief and manage their mental health.

Once a child loses a parent or caregiver, they’re going to need help until they’re at least 18 to 24,” Susan Hillis said. “It will be a problem that lasts for many years,” Hillis, a member of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Covid-19 Response Team added.

Contributions will be used to fund efforts to provide mental health resources, programs and support to Black youth and young adults.

There are several ways principal and education associations can get involved.

BPF is looking for:

  • Education associations to have their members purchase one of the newly designed Shaper t-shirts
  • Principals to learn more about Black People Forward’s Checking-In campaign for students
  • Principals to lead a fundraising team

The fundraiser kicks off in October and runs through the end of the year.

To support the fundraiser for Black youth, go to

To assist as a Volunteer or to become an Ambassador, Email:


About Black People Forward 

Black People Forward (BPF) aims to restore racial identity, rebuild emotional wellness, and show Black youth and young adults’ new ways to earn a living (get the bag). We provide culturally focused and evidence-based experiences to help Black youth achieve better outcomes as adults. BPF is a new project, fiscally sponsored by F.L.O.S.S. – F & L Support Services. Donations are tax-deductible.


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