Cathy Sexton, Productivity & Profits Specialist, Turns Stressed, Struggling, Or Stagnant “Stresspreneurs” Into Productive And Profitable Entrepreneurs

On a recent episode of Amazing Women and Men Of Power – Raven International TV Network, Host Raven Blair Glover spoke with Cathy Sexton, Productivity and Profits Specialist, speaker, author, TV host, and an extraordinary coach.

Through her company, The Productivity Experts, Cathy provides solutions for entrepreneurs and small business owners to get their business to a healthier place.  She shows them how to rediscover the joy of owning their own business by increasing productivity, profitability, and work-life balance.

Cathy founded The Productivity Experts in 2003 after winning her own battle with workaholism and stress-induced, life-threatening illness. As a Productivity and Profit Specialist, speaker, author, coach, and TV host, Cathy has made it her mission to help others IGNITE their productivity and streamline their work and lives. With a focus on helping others work within their Natural Productivity Style, Cathy provides actionable, easily implemented strategies that translate to the real world and real life. She teaches business owners how to take control of their mindset, incorporate systems and processes, and find the tools that work best for them – so they can create a more balanced life, boost productivity, and build the profitable business they dream of.

Host Raven Blair Glover questioned Cathy about how her unique coaching system works. Cathy explained: “First I look at their natural productivity style because I really need to understand how they work, how they think. We all have our own personal style. There is no one style for everybody. It’s really about how each individual thinks, reacts, and makes decisions. Are we a process person? Are we a “follow that next shiny thing” person? Are we spontaneous? Are we very detailed? Are we not so detailed, we just want the results? So, it’s really understanding that first, so that we don’t create a process that’s not going to work for them. It’s important for people to realize that it’s not about what you should do, it’s about what you will do. So, you want to make sure that whatever process you’re putting in place is going to work for you. That’s my first step and then, through coaching, we look at all areas of the business and, instead of trying to reconstruct everything, we pick one area that’s not working and we start working on that. So, all of my coaching is very customizable for the client. When I’m coaching there’s no “okay, we’re going to do this and this and this.” It’s really very customized on what they need at the time.”

When host Raven Blair Glover asked Cathy to explain how her coaching is customizable, she shared: “When I’m coaching a small business owner, we have to be dealing with what they’re dealing with. For example, I’ve been working with a gentleman for the last three or four months, and he’s a multipreneur. So, he’s got a couple of different businesses but, all of a sudden, now he’s taking care of his parents too. So how does he work and take care of his parents? We are all in different situations, so it really is important that we look at our situation, how we’re working, and what we want to accomplish, because it’s going to be different for everybody. You do need a signature system, and I do have some systems that I teach in trainings and things like that. But when I’m coaching a small business owner, we have to be dealing with what they’re dealing with.” 

The interview concluded with Cathy saying: “We also have resources on a web page where there’s free content, blogs, videos, handouts, and downloadables. I’m trying to give away as many tips as I can, so that if I can help anybody during this time be not only productive but also less stressed and able to just feel better about what they’re getting accomplished, I’ve done my job.”

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