Best Selling Author Marta Skik Harich Announces New Book “The Drive to Success” Hitting Amazon’s Best Seller List

Marta Skik Harich, a formidable force in wealth management and profitable entrepreneurship for over 20 years, is proud to announce her latest achievement. Marta Skik Harich’s new book, “The Drive to Success,” has gained widespread recognition, quickly securing its position on Amazon’s bestseller list.

A business advisor with extensive experience in accounting, tax, and strategic tax planning, Marta is a Certified Public Accountant with a Master’s degree in Accounting with a specialization in Finance. As a mastermind and an influential business leader, she founded her own accounting and tax firm, bringing a unique approach to helping clients achieve their financial goals.

“The Drive to Success” is a testament to the accomplishments of resilient entrepreneurs who have conquered numerous setbacks, refining their expertise as they strive to succeed. The book chronicles the inspiring life experiences of multiple business owners, encapsulating their struggles and victories while delivering invaluable lessons learned along the way.

This book goes far beyond recounting inspiring stories. The book unravels complex strategies and converts them into actionable insights, giving readers the upper hand in surmounting their challenges with unmatched confidence and determination. It also demystifies the crucial elements of success, illustrating the significance of building an unshakable mindset to overcome the fear of failure – an attribute indispensable for entrepreneurs.

“The Drive to Success” is an exceptional resource for entrepreneurs who feel bogged down by failures or struggle to realize their vision. This bestseller provides powerful, result-driven advice and guidance, empowering readers to fulfill their dreams by surmounting obstacles.

Marta Skik Harich continues guiding entrepreneurs toward success and growth through her accounting firm, business advisory services, and thought-provoking publications. Now, allow her to provide readers with the inspiration, motivation, and real-world strategies needed to conquer the world of entrepreneurship.

To embark on a journey towards entrepreneurial success and secure a copy of “The Drive to Success,” visit Amazon today.

The Drive to Success will be the first documentary book to share the stories of successful entrepreneurs and their experiences with failure. The book will also feature stories about what some of these entrepreneurs have learned from their failures, overcoming adversity, and ultimately succeeding.

Marta said, “This documentary book will assist you in discovering your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur, identifying opportunities for improvement, developing strategies that work for you, and ultimately increasing your chances of greater success. You will hear stories of failure, so you know what not to do and how to learn and grow from it. You can turn each failure into a success with the right attitude and dedication.”

Describing the book, Harich said, “This book isn’t about luck or overnight success; it’s about hard work and determination in the face of adversity. It acknowledges that failure is an essential part of growth and progression as an entrepreneur and will guide how to proactively use those failures to support your business to reach new heights. This book is not for you if you’re looking for a shortcut to the top. But if you’re ready to put in the effort while learning from your mistakes, this book can be a valuable resource on your journey toward achieving greatness.”

About Marta Skik Harich:
Marta Skik Harich is a business advisor who has been in the accounting and tax industry for over 2 decades. Her vast experience with strategic tax planning has provided her clients with the tools necessary to proactively create wealth and profitability with their business. Marta is a CPA and holds a Master of Accounting with a Specialization in Finance and is a member in several business organizations and masterminds. She is a leader and discovered her passion to build opportunities for others and watch them grow to their finest potential. Marta founded her own tax and accounting firm and created it differently from the traditional mold. The firm not only focuses on tax returns and financial statements but on how to create opportunity and strategy for clients to achieve a desired quality of life. Marta is an avid traveler who is passionate about creating success at all levels: life, family, business, motherhood, and marriage. When not at the office Marta loves to read, attend sporting activities, dance, play the piano, find traveling adventures with her husband, and snuggle with her kids.

Connect with her on her360 site and she will be happy to provide a complimentary review of  current tax strategy.  

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